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Add basic vi style editing mode

I use vim a lot, and ViEmu in visual studio.
Adding vi style editing modes to linqpad would make it absolutely perfect. It doesn't have to be comprehensive, just hjkl movement, dd, cw, dw, w, $ and : commands would be great.

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    Chris shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • António Inácio commented  · 

        I also have been using LinqPad for several years and always craved for Vi mode.
        Once I saw this (a couple of days ago) I decided it's time!

        'Darn you mister Albahari! shut up an take my money! :)

        (purchased the premium version just now)

      • Michael Steiner commented  · 

        It made me use Linqpad regularly. What I miss most:
        - mx (mark position x), d'x (delete to position x), y'a (yank to positionx)
        - 5s (in standard substitutes 5 chars from cursor position with input, now replaces character under cursor 5 times with input)
        - * (puts word under cursor as search pattern and allows find next with n)

      • Meh commented  · 

        This is the only thing preventing me from currently purchasing LinqPad... oh well.

      • Howard commented  · 

        vim works inside Visual Studio Code. I think it'll be cool if there were linqpad features in VS Code. Is inqpad plug-in for VS Code a possibility?

      • Dmytro commented  · 

        Vi mode would be awesome

      • Tom von Clef commented  · 

        I'm a premium customer and a basic vim mode would be great.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        If it were possible I would down-vote this suggestion. It is 6 years old and is simply polluting the uservoice page.

        While I have no doubt that those who use VI are less productive when forced to use a different editing interface, it was their choice to use VI. I don't think it is useful to the LINQPad community to waste time on catering to those who made alternate choices and are now unhappy with the lack of support for those choices.

        No, I am not here to discuss whether or not VI is good, the fact is that it is different and whatever support you have for it in other environments is irrelevant. The existence of a VS plugin that supports your chosen editor interface has no bearing on the issue.

        I vote "no" to adding complexity to the editor implementation to support the choices of a few individuals who are not prevented from operating with the current system.

      • Michael commented  · 

        I am a premium customer and this feature would go a long way toward giving your product some feature parity with Visual Studio's integrated editor (which supports this via the VsVim extension).

      • Aidan Whitehall commented  · 

        +1 for this from me.

        I use viplugin in Eclipse, VsVim in Visual Studio, and Vim for text files. Adding this would be a real boon.

      • Matthew Alline commented  · 

        I created an account specifically to up vote this. VIEmu is a fantastic editor mode for VS. I really wish LinqPad has this as well.

      • Avinash Krishna Kumar commented  · 

        Wholeheartedly agree. This is my biggest gripe with using Linqpad today.Vi support would make it a lot easier to use.

      • Kazark commented  · 

        To turn this on its head, perhaps the LinqPad engine could be used to build a Vim plugin which makes use of its features!

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